Against The Grain, launches the ATG sessions, a series of free bespoke DIY PR strategy sessions and tool kits for mid-level career musicians, bands and arts professionals.

Designed to assist artists and organisations as they begin to emerge from COVID lockdowns, the ATG Sessions are designed to upskill and inform emerging practitioners about how to develop, strategize and execute their own PR campaigns.

Including strategy sessions, professionally written documents and industry-leading advice, the ATG Sessions will enable artists to upskill in the field of PR and Publicity and run their own successful real-life campaign.

Offering eight free sessions in total, the ATG Sessions will include:

  • Initial one-hour one-on-one meeting (physical or zoomed) to discuss campaign and plans.
  • With ongoing artist input, we’ll design a PR campaign for a specific event, release or tour, including a roadmap of actions.
  • A finalised media release ready for distribution.
  • A set of key media contacts relevant to the campaign.
  • Draft or assist in updating existing biographical materials.
  • A roadmap on how to implement the bespoke campaign
  • A collection of other resources aimed at outlining how to pitch to media, create EPKs, organise photo shoots, example social media plans, and other key media orientated elements.
  • Final session to talk through PR strategy, walkthrough suggested implementation and how to best use the strategic plan and tools.
  • Ongoing general support across the implementation of the campaign.

Applications to the ATG Session can be made by filling in the following form – CLICK HERE TO APPLY

Applications will be open until May  14

Successful applicants notified: by May 21