Anthony Forrest today releases his debut solo single and accompanying video, for the hypnotic electro-soul release ‘Deepest Love’.

Renowned as the frontman and guitarist of Brisbane’s breakthrough reggae/dub group Kingfisha, ‘Deepest Love’ is Forrest’s first solo release. Flirting the line across genres, with hip-hop undertones, rolling electronica melodies, and Forrest’s silky-smooth vocals, the electro soul track with nods to 90’s producer J Dilla, and a down tempo Fat Freddy’s Drop.

Produced by prominent Brisbane producer Pete Gardner from So Soap Studios, the pair have spent the past 4 years working on the project together. With Garden’s knowhow and Forrest’s musical prowess “Deepest Love’ has carved a space place within their respective musical journey.

“Deepest Love was sparked by a dream and a conversation I was having with my wife at the time. It’s pretty loose theme-wise, but I like that in songs. It leaves a lot more up to the listener.” said Forrest.

“I’m super happy with how it’s all come together but there’s definitely some trepidation as it’s a new project and I can’t hide behind a band, it’s all me but in saying that, that’s something that is also quite thrilling”

The accompanying video keeps the ambiguous theme of the song with a lot of the interpretation of its meaning left up to the viewer.

“With the video clip, it was really important for me that it portrayed what I was trying to represent with the single and the brooding, ambiguous vibes of this clip is in my opinion the perfect accompaniment to the feel of the song”

Deepest Love is out now and available through all major streaming outlets. The official single launch gig will be hosted in Brisbane at… on November 12th.

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