RUMPUS THEATRE is proud to present coming of age play Di, Viv, and Rose which will run from the 13th to the 24th of July.

A nostalgic celebration of female relationships, Di, Viv, and Rose unpacks the lives of three very different young women who meet at university. Beginning in the 80s, the play follows Di, a sport-loving business studies student; Viv, a sociology student with a fierce work ethic; and Rose, a free-spirited art-history student. This heart-warming piece encourages audiences to reflect on their own friendships and values; with the three characters often battling each other on their own morals and views of how they, as women, should live. Despite their differences, the strength of their friendship carries them through some of life’s greatest tragedies. “If something bad or sad or good happens to one of you, it almost happens to the other”.

“I love how Amelia Bullmore takes the lives of these women and their love for each other seriously,” says director Rachel Burke.

“She’s written characters who are complex, contradictory and funny, and examines them under times of great joy and crises. For me this play is a beautiful celebration of the strength and profundity of friendship. As a culture ruled by heteronormative monogamy, the “one true love” narrative still holds strong. But what would happen if we held the great love and intimacy reached through friendship in the same regard? Our friendships can hold a great deal of longing, heartbreak, comfort, self-discovery and a sense a of home.”

“It’s this kind of love that I’m interested in, and how it can reveal to you who you are. We can all look back and see who we have either surrounded ourselves with or run away from at different points. As the play moves, it’s arresting when you see these flashes of yourself. With these moments of recognition, hopefully our audience can cringe, laugh, love and ultimately forgive a former version of themselves. I’m excited to bring this celebration of connection and hope to life with this team, and with the significant and inspiring support of Rumpus.”

The first instalment from the newly formed collective The Corseted Rabbits, this production seeks to champion the voices of young women, with members Isabel Vanhakartano, Julia Vosnakis, and Georgia Laity, sharing a common ambition to put the lives of women at the forefront with a female-led project.

Di, Viv and Rose, runs from 13th to the 24th of July at RUMPUS, 100 Sixth St, Bowden SA 5007. Tickets are on sale now and can be bought here-

Director: Rachel Burke

Cast: Julia Vosnakis, Georgia Laity, Isabel Vanhakatano

Designer: Meg Wilson

Stage Manager: Grace Calabretto

Sound Design: Antoine Jelk

Lighting Design: Mark Oakley

Promotional Photographer: Jamie Hornsby

Graphic Design: Mahala Hall