A love letter of hope and support through the tough times, Brighter Day is the lush and layered debut single from Sydney’s alt-pop band Goldfynch.

Shimmering with energy and emotion, the song pairs the resonant vocals of Niyati Libotte with the driving guitar of Gavin Rene Libotte (of Urban Gypsies fame) and the rhythmic bass and drums of ARIA award winner Jonathan Zwartz and James Hauptmann. The results soar to soulful heights and plunge into dark spaces to emerge defiant and courageous. Brighter Day navigates the personal demons we all face, but don’t have to face alone. It is a stirring work, celebrating how unconditional love and loyalty can help overcome the deepest suffering.

In the musical tradition of Artists such as Rufus Wainwright, Katie Noonan, and Ani DiFranco Brighter Day deftly weaves a sense of hope with unflinching acknowledgment of the hard yards with  powerful and poetic originality. It reminds us of partnership, faith and overcoming the human condition-  that there is always light at the end of the tunnel and a brighter day to come.

“We wrote the song on our babymoon in Bright, Victoria,” says Niyati Libotte, part of the husband and wife team behind Goldfynch.

“It was supposed to be a relaxing break from parenting our two-year-old son and before the birth of our daughter. However, Gavin’s father was battling cancer and we suddenly received the call to be on standby to fly to Perth and say our goodbyes. Gavin was devastated and I found myself wanting to lift his spirits. It seems silly but I went looking for a four-leaf clover in the garden and found one. I brought it back to him as a sign that we would all make it through. That was the beginning of our songwriting journey.”

Brighter Day is the first single from Goldfynch’s debut studio album due for release in June, mixed by award winning Producer Sean Carey and mastered by Grammy Award winning Engineer Helik Hadar.

The stunning music video for Goldfynch’s new single Brighter Day (produced in house by the creative husband-wife team) visually celebrates the journey from shadow to light, despair to optimism through the streets and spaces of Sydney.

The ten year working relationship between Niyati and Gavin Libotte has already garnered critical acclaim, winning them Silver in the Global Music Awards (album and art pop categories) and placing them as AAA Finalists in the  International Acoustic Music Awards. The boldness and confidence of their partnership has culminated in a song that’s as epic as the journey from Bright to Sydney to Perth and from shadow to light.

Gavin Libotte is acclaimed as one of Sydney’s finest guitarists / composers, lauded for his unique brand of original instrumental works and the recipient of several international awards. Niyati Libotte is a gifted audio-visual storyteller and writer, who’s words cut to the heart of the story. While their personal challenges formed the catalyst for the emotionally resonant narrative – all Australians will identify with those feelings of hope and prayer when met with a challenge where all else has failed.

Goldfynch has an ability to be deeply specific, and yet to create story songs that remind listeners of their own journeys, challenges, triumphs, but most importantly the universal truth that love really does conquer all. Brighter Day will resonate with listeners across the country and the world.