South Australian energy tech startup iO Energy today announces its connection as the newest electricity supplier and partner for Adelaide’s 10 Star Home.

Pursuing a mission to accelerate humanity’s transition to a zero-carbon future, iO Energy’s residential electricity plans allow South Australians the ability to reduce energy costs by maximising the use of low-cost renewable electricity.

The company’s new partnership with the 10 Star Home developed quickly. Rated 10 out of 10 stars under the Nationwide House Energy Rating Scheme (NatHERS), Adelaide’s 10 Star Home was already one of the most energy efficient and economical homes in the world. But discussion between the architects and iO Energy made it clear the home could be energy flexibility as well.


iO Energy’s Co-founder and Chief Operations Officer, Luke Morton, showed excitement to be part of a project that highlights the opportunities for sustainable building in Australia.

‘We’re excited to be able to use this partnership to demonstrate how Australians can pay less for cleaner energy, by becoming smarter electricity users.’

‘In Australia, electricity is by far cleanest during the day. In South Australia, it’s an average 80% renewable at 1pm compared to an average 38% renewable at 7pm.’

‘The more thermally efficient that homes are, the more they can shift electrical usage into the daytime to save money and the plant. Our partnership with the 10 Star Home helps to convey that.’

SUHO Studio Manager, Ruth Nordstrom, who oversaw the development of the 10 Star Home, said that the addition of iO Energy as the 10 Star Home’s newest partner and energy provider was another great example of sustainable companies working together to drive Australia towards a zero-carbon future.

‘The partnership with IO Energy will ensure that the 10 Star Home is as sustainable as possible, further reducing our already minimum carbon output and exemplifying the best practices in green energy consumption.’

‘iO Energy specialises in smart metering technologies, and will be visualising the 10 Star Home’s electrical data to help us understand it’s electrical usage and use more renewable energy.’

The 10 Star Home was designed and built to demonstrate how aspects of the building industry can foster a social commitment to an ecologically sustainable future through clever design and collaborative and resilient relationships. While the national standard for homes in Australia is 6 stars, the design of the 10 Star Home goes above and beyond just meeting the minimum standard to show the upper limit of what is possible for a home’s energy efficiency.

The national standard is expected to increase to 7 stars soon, but one of the most significant challenges in this space remains helping home builders and buyers understand the benefits of designing durable and adaptable homes that contribute to a circular economy. The 10 Star Home

was built for this purpose.

iO Energy is a South Australian technology startup based at Adelaide’s innovation neighborhood, Lot Fourteen. Their retail plans are ‘powered by’ Energy Locals, a licensed electricity retailer.


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