The ultimate handbook for creatives, The Rhythm Diaries captures the visionary rhythmic systems, artworks, and life stories of celebrated Australian percussionist Greg Sheehan into one unique offering.


The Rhythm Diaries is a compilation of over 300 pages of original ideas, techniques, musical notes and number charts created over several decades of Greg Sheehan’s musical career, accompanied by wonderful stories detailing how his visionary approach to playing and teaching came about.


Decades of performance and education experience are distilled and presented in a format that offers as much to seasoned professionals as to kids, beginners, and hobbyists.


Alongside exploring Sheehan’s rhythmic studies, The Rhythm Diaries explores body percussion, rhythms in nature, children’s rhythmic games, original techniques for practising, composing and improvisation, plenty of inspiring designs and more numbers than anyone will ever need! Not just for drummers, but for players of all instruments and anyone curious to discover the world of rhythm.


Sheehan’s teachings have influenced and moulded numerous leaders in the Australian music community—many of whom generously offer their songs and creations influenced by his legacy for inclusion in the book.



The diversity of these contributions is a testament to the potential for creative growth that Sheehan’s genius offers to those who have the good fortune to come across it.


“The Rhythm Diaries serves as a reference and an invaluable tool for musicians and practitioners of music from all disciplines.’”— Nigel Westlake (Hon) D Mus, Composer, Conductor.


“My musical and rhythmic growth as a percussionist, guitarist and lyricist, has been GREATLY influenced by Greg’s teachings and guidance. The years I have been blessed to have spent with him both as a friend, teacher and band mate have had a lasting impact on me, my musical style, my appreciation for rhythm and my Life!” –  Nattali Rize, Singer, Percussionist, Bandleader, Blue King Brown.


“I’ve been blessed to have seen the world now through the life force of rhythm and culture, thanks to Greg. Much love and respect to the King of Diamonds.” – Airileke Ingram, Artistic Director Rize of the Morning Star, Makoda, Sorong Samarai.


“If your curiosity is a boat, then the numbers are like the ocean. The numbers aren’t just numbers—beneath them lies the music which pulses and endlessly regenerates itself into the patterns of nature.


Hearing Greg speak about the intricacies of the thing always makes me think of DNA, of leaves unfurling, of helixes and molecules and particle waves and all the invisible patterns that hold things together.” –  Harry James Angus, Composer, Singer, Multi-instrumentalist, The Cat Empire


On the release of The Rhythm Diaries Greg said,


“To finally have The Rhythm Diaries in my hands is a dream come true! This is essentially a distillation of my life’s work. Beginning in the late 70’s, a rhythmical seed has now grown into a forest in which to explore endless musical paths.


This is a book not only for beginners, teachers, parents, and professionals but one that l, the author, will also explore! To have it out in the world is truly exciting and I’m looking forward to hearing the outcomes of the reader’s musical adventures.”


About Greg Sheehan

One of the leading figures in Australian percussion, Greg Sheehan is a performer, teacher and recording artist significantly represented in Australian music over the last 50 years. He has been a major influence on generations of musicians and has literally reshaped the map of rhythm. A passionate visionary, Greg created a unique system known as ‘Rhythm Diamonds’ and his original body percussion style and reinvention of tambourine technique have become legendary! Facebook  Instagram  Vimeo